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Today, I am very disappointed with myself. Somehow I feel I am not fit for IIT as well as for Ph.D. I guess this is the reason why I didn’t get here after my 12th class because I am not made for it.

Today I appeared in my comprehensive exam, which also had DC meeting prior to it. I just don’t understand one point, What joy a professor gets when he embarrasses a student for not knowing something.

Will he get a Nobel Prize for that? Is the student that much shitworthy.

Indeed second statement is true. A student when he doesn’t know wave equations, eigen vector, partial differential equations then how he can be capable of doing Ph.D . He is not spun out for it. Despite the fact he has done whatever is required to clear the coursework required in IIT. Because he is not good in maths. So how he can be a good engineer. If he can’t derive a transform how he can do good research. Yeaah he has found a problem which is not good. Which is not viable in terms of research. A problem which no body has thought off.

But how does it matter. He is not good at maths so he wouldn’t be able to do anything in this world. He would be a black spot in the name of IIT if he stays further.

This was my experience of comprehensive exam, when I heard that I am not worth of passing the exam.

Questions started from write a wave equation, write equation of simple harmonic motion. write a equation for spring suspending a weight, write a equation for RC circuits, write a equation for RLC circuits. Write a matrix, solve for eigen values, solve for eigen vectors. Write the dimensions, write the vectors, write a partial differential equation. Solve partial differential equation. Your way of research is not correct, MRI is the best. You should not do ultrasound at all. You should know whats going on in there.

And even after you have tried, Have you heard of these terms in your life. Did you do anything in your courses. How you managed to clear your courses. Is this the way you should study. And what not.

Mind was bursting, I was under the fire of questions one after another for one full hour. Is it my fault that I am a graduate student. Did I signed up for this. I was not told I would be asked this.

What you expect?

The things which you learned in 10th 12th you can recall anytime? is it so easy?

If you are taking viva for me 1 year after I finished my coursework that too on a short notice of a week, is that fair?

I know Life is never fair, So is nothing in life. When you ask for shit people give you more.

But this just happens to recall my decision that why I am doing Ph.D. Why I am listening to something? I don’t know alright

I don’t know anything……………………………………….!!!

Only one learning I have, Don’t trust anybody’s words they will do what they want, they will ask what they want.
I am real low and depressed. I wrote this so that i can vent out my feelings, I don’t how long it will take me to absorb it down. My few dreams are shattered alongside it
Let’s see who owns the broken dreams…

It was a happy beginning when 60 people came together from different backgrounds into the same college. They lived happily under the  same roof, just the rooms were different rest all was common from underwear to soap to shampoo to cot to food.

At that time we had two remarkable persons with us who are no more. This post is dedicated to those wonderful friends who had been and will always be the part of my life

Achal Singh and Kartikeya Kaul, Electronics and Communication Engineers from Career Institute of technology and Management Faridabad living in room no G03 and G05 of  House no 58 sector 46 Faridabad.

Achal in the Middle, I am on the Right, Gaurav on the left

Achal in the Middle, I am on the Right, Gaurav on the left

Achal sir, When I last saw him in January 2012

Achal sir, When I last saw him in January 2012

Now Kartikeya

Kartikeya and Me

Kartikeya and Me

Starting Right, Hitesh, Sukhi, Me, Ashwani, Kartikeya, Prince

Starting Right, Gaurav,Hitesh, Sukhi, Me, Ashwani, Kartikeya, Prince

We all were so happy in the respective works which we were trying to do.

Kartikeya was employed in Nokia Siemens and he was involved with both technical and Sales and he used to specify the technical specifications for the research and development as far as I know about his job.

He was our dear netaji, I haven’t seen a better student leader than him since I started my hostel life. He was vocal and use to raise voice for anybody who is being oppressed he never ever kept anything inside his heart. we used to have a lot of fight but still we were more than brothers to each other.

Late night discussions were the most common thing. Kartikeya had brought his scooter from noida that was the only vehicle we had in hostel and it was used for all types of fraud work we did in the first year. All the latenight movies, food deliveries were done on his scooter.

We marched around, we went around girls hostel and we also went to CITM lake after that. What a lovely Life it was. Those moments I can’t forget anytime in my life.

We used to play carromboard late nights. Missing classes taking lift was a common affair.

Kartikeya never worried about money his pocket was empty in the beginning of the month itself

That one year in hostel felt like one decade for us all. we were so happy really really happy. Which I am not although I have come faraway from that. we had played holi with mud, underwears anything and everything and it was damn fun

Achal Sir

One of the best cook, gamer and TT player I have seen. But he was a lazy bum. he didn’t like to go to college, he used to stay back and sleep all day long. It used to be considered fortunate if he attended any of the classes everybody of us used to envy his bindaas attitude. Bathing was totally not related daily affair for him, but when he used to dress up he used to look the best.

He taught me Table tennis. All those who know me, and have played TT with me, i was the most worst player. Achal played with me nights after nights making me a better table tennis player who can now play anywhere. I can’t thank him for that in words. Since then I teach every novice TT same as achal taught me.

Achal had a special love for mirchi and tasty food in late night. we used to sneak into the kitchen to make tasty things in the night. In Jan 2012 also in the chilly nights of noida he cooked maggi for me.

He was the accounts manager and banker for us. All trips were funded by achal and all accounts were maintained by him. And following him I incorporated the same thing in my life and now people call me a better manager and all credits go to achal whom i observed while he was managing. He used to create an XLS sheet with bills for each and every person about how much they should pay and what all they had eaten.

While going with achal we never saw at our pockets before buying, shocks used to come at the end of the trip.

Though he loved his xbox very much he used to train us about how to play with it. He was my gadget guru and I always refered him before buying anything. he was so very updated about the latest technology in the market. He was one in all for these things. he used to bring a lot of things from palika bazaar in delhi

In his PSP we had played a lot of games

He was never interested in academics. He was among the top rankers of AIEEE but he never loved engineering. he liked to do what he likes that is what I loved about him

What else I can say. These two have impacted my life a lot in terms of

  • Courage, confidence
  • Leadership
  • laziness
  • Managing Skills
  • Table tennis

I mean God you have taken a big chunk away from my life. They were the great pillars on which I could rest my shoulders. I can’t believe it that they are no more.

But they will be always alive, whatever I have learned from them I will teach all the people around me. And I didn’t expected you two to go so early

I miss you, really miss you

Its like you never stay in touch still you don’t complain to each other and you meet with the warm heart everytime. That is what achal and kartik for me

I don’t know how Chaddi and sukhi will cope up with this they spend most part of their last 7 years with them more than me or anybody or even their parents.

We are going to miss you a lot..

Prospectives of Biomedical Engineer in Final year

Answer by Kush Tripathi:

This is the most common question which a Biomedical Engineering Final year student in India comes across!!

First Question Masters or Job
This is very speculative question and its answer varies from individual to individual, conditions influencing this answer

  • Financial condition of your family:
    • Some of the students want to do job immediately as they want to support their family as financial condition in their family is not good.
    • Some students want to be the breadwinner as soon as possible because their peers, their neighbors have started earning and they have pressure over them from their parents and relatives
  • Disinclination towards further study:I don't want to study anymore, it has been enough already. I just want to earn money and live peaceful life

If you don't have any of the above conditions in your mind and you are interested in making a better career then go for Masters

Why Masters?

  • Not because you are not getting job but because you want to learn more and make a better career as compare to your bachelor counterparts
  • Masters will offer you diverse job opportunities and maturity as compared to bachelors
  • Improved profile if done from a better college like IIT or even Abroad
  • Masters opens the door for Academics and Ph.D which were earlier closed
  • Research oriented Jobs in CSIR laboratories and Research workplaces demand Masters more than bachelors

As the OP doesn't want to do the conventional Jobs of Sales, Service and Support engineer. It is essential that he takes up some specialization in Masters which will help him to know more about the area interested
At Bachelors level you are brushed up with everything around Biomedical Engineering. In Masters also it is more or less the same but the thing is that as you are already aware of those things as you have done in your bachelors level you can focus more towards your allied interest areas and try making a good career for yourself
This is the reason why you should do masters if confused?
Either take a year off and realise what is your inclination or find out what you want to do ? or enroll in a masters program so that you are able to get some extra information about yourself
What are the potential areas you can look at?
Start your own venture
When you see that there are no companies in the area which you are interested, then start one in that area. Most of the time I hear this that I want to work in XYZ area but there are no companies in that area. If it is not there then it gives you an opportunity to start one

Jobs after Bachelors
Nobody, I mean nobody in current MNC would like to recruit a fresher for their critical works in Biomedical Engineering when they are getting IITians Master or people with 5-6 years of experience. So they will offer you following Jobs

  1. Sales or service
  2. Product Support
  3. Application Specialist
  4. Medical Coder
  5. Junior Research fellow
  6. Junior Design Engineer (at some startups , if you are exceptionally good)

Jobs after Masters

  1. Academician as a assistant professor
  2. Senior Research Fellow
  3. Design Engineers
  4. R&D Junior
  5. Ph.D

Thus there are different offers which you will get after Bachelors or Masters.
it depends what you wish to do and how you wish to enter into the Biomedical field.

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This weekend 18th march and 19th march was full of events, so I thought of penning it down into the memories. This trip was not at all planned and it happened to be all of sudden, tickets were booked we got reservation of yeswantpur-secunderabad garib rath from bangalore to hyderabad. Here we stands for me n my friend sunil dutt, Sunil Dutt is the person who was instrumental in dragging my ass that far, as I being a lazy lump wasn’t interested in any of the things.

As yesvantpur station is near to the place where I stay, sunil dutt had to come all the way from his residence at marathalli, as train was at 8:50 pm he was supposed to reach here by 7:30 pm but as you know bangalore’s traffic woes , he was able to make up till 7:45 only, it wasn’t that late. I waited for sunil dutt while returning from my workplace i.e IISc and I was waiting for him at MS ramaiah College bus stop. I didn’t pack my clothes so I and sunil dutt then went upto 4th  floor where my PG room is there, then I packed my clothes, did shaving and then packed some goodies like biscuits and started off for dinner at one of the cheapest and best food in bangalore i.e near MS ramaiah College called as Delhi mess. Generally waiting time after placing order is 5 minutes it happend to be 10 minutes in our case. we made our order at 8:05 and recieved our food by 8 :15 pm , I am mentioning time at every place as our train was scheduled to leave the platform at 8:50 pm exactly. Sunil dutt & I ordered two chicken dishes and 10 rotis and our expenditure was less than 100Rs that is why I call it cheap and best place in my locality, then we grabbed a cold drink bottle with us, after food time was 8:25 pm it took us 2 minutes to reach the bus stop there we waited for the bus bound to yeswantpur railway station. But a bus came at around 8:35 and it was also not going to yeswantpur station it was going to yeswantpur Bus stand from there it was 10-15 min walk to station. Time was already 8:35 pm and as soon we got down from bus it marked 8:37 in our watches.. then we started running in the mean time we caught one more bus so that we can reach fast but it delayed us…

We reached station platform no 1 at 8:45 pm. Now as we reached the platform we came to know our train is not from platform no 1 it is from platform no 5. then we went directly to foot over bridge. There another surprise was waiting for us, it was that the foot over bridge was only from Platform 1- Platform 2 then again we got down from that bridge to find that the other foot over bridge is at the other end of the platform. there were trains all over in the middle. Then some how through sheer luck, I found a door opened in one of the train. we jumped on the tracks crossed the tracks. and then climbed the standing train crossed it doors to reach platform no 5, time was already 8:50. The train had started moving we were still behind. It was that as I have a good height I waved towards the guard that please stop we were running like anything, train was slow we managed to clinch to the last compartment. As whole train was interconnected it wasn’t a problem atlast we got the train that mattered at that moment of time. I din’t write about the physique of sunil, he is a medium height person and he was feeling really  very tired and he even told me that kush please leave it yaar.. we will go by bus.. But as m stubborn I got him through the train.

This incidence was compared to be an incident similar to “JAB WE MET” movie

In train also there were many instances I will write about it in Part2

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Today, I realised why people strive for excellence so much. Because everytime they realise they have accomplish something great in their life, they see someone else in life who has utilized their life in a better manner. A person who has done much better in the same time when you were flirting around someone on facebook or when you were just being great about something among your group of friends. I think these shockers are needed from time to time and they drive up the person. They are responsible for all the rat races in this world. Its true that RAT Race are pointless. But you can’t runaway from them.

What I have observed till date is . when you really start thinking about yourself, what you have done till today you get geared up. But you get fully charged when some young person has done a lot more things in a short span of time.

This kind of jealous is always necessary to keep the flame burning.

we have to set our goal at a person or some specific objective inorder to keep living

Many people wont agree with me.

but still I think RAT race is good. I am far behind in this RAT race still i want to win it.

This is my will of fire

Just another normal day

It was just about a normal day. it started off by me waking up late as usual . But it was like I woke up at 9’oclock by the sounds what my roommate was producing. Those were the sounds of recitation which he usually does while memorizing things, All thanks to the rote learning methodologies followed these days in college. His final exams are going on so tension was there on his face. i woke up then i saw it was only 9 I asked him about the time he told its 9 only. I generally have to reach lab by 10 .. but as weather was cold and i was feeling cozy in my bed I changed my position and lied back into my bed… i was thinking abt somethings… then i slept as rays of sunlight were falling on my bed making it warm on the tuesday morning which was cold as ever in bangalore, after all it is january yaar.

I got up from bed, took bath.. strictly warm water bath.. stayed in bathroom for a little longer kept pouring the water as if I was enjoying the warm water’s warmness in my body. it was the only time when I was able to think abt me personally peacefully. then thoughts of project came into my mind.. I generally think well while taking bath. i got some ideas which I had to implement . i decide yeaah man these things are done and I should do it.

So I came out rushed into my clothes as fast as possible then dried my hair… combed them but there was nothing to comb as I got my hair cut recently.

then I went for breakfast as usual showing my misery… or my act of misery I asked for 1 aloo puff to be put into two buns same as vada pav in mumbai… and with a tea … i took centerfresh and the bill was as usual 25 rs… i gave 30 and he told he will give 5 later on… i moved in… i was seeing the traffic of bengaluru… it seem to me that it was increasing day by day… by the time I reached my lab it was already twelve. In the mean time I recieved a call from color dooppler for confirming my name… i confirmed it with spellings …

so i enetered the lab.. opened facebook , Gmail.. then was glad to see that my first article in magazine got published.. it was color doppler India‘s first ultrasound magazine… i was so happy that I shared it all over facebook… called my girlfriend .. told her abt my publication… then I started my lab work.. a  lot of soldering was to be done I finished over that cumbersome task…it wasnt easy… I had to do it again and again.. try something new as I was facing virtual ground woes in opamp… then in the end I went to my manager for clarification… we discussed some important things regarding market value other than the usual stuff… when i came back I saw that i was shortlisted for a fellowship and Interview was tommorow I panicked a lot…
then i called my manager… he told me to come n meet him we discussed some of the qa’s then i came back then amit called me as IISc student council was selling shirts and bags.. id int had miney checked atms all closed then found one atm went took out 4k purchased bag and t\shirt when I dint wanted to … this was interesting then i came back sitting back in lab… writing this blog post..

why this day was memorable

one due to that magazine publication

2nd due to that shortlisting..

i was somewhat happy..


New year resolution 2012

Friends, I have been away for quiet a while, It was more of like I was busy. But now I think being busy should not keep me away from writing a single blog post about the most touching event of the day as it takes only 15-20 minutes to pen down your thoughts.
Blogging has been good for me, but I was never able to take it up to my sleeves as a personal diary. I blog about Biomedical daily but that is different, I am not what it shows . This blog i started to potray my personal side.This blog soon show my real picture to the world.
My new year resolution is that I will blog daily… Daily means 365 days a year


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