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It would be really wrong to say that everybody out there is living life which doesn’t have any problems. Everybody has their fair share of problems, which they are trying to cope up with on a day to day basis.

This story is not about problems which happen because somebody belittle you or somebody thought that you are not at all worth. This story is about the issues which arise when people leave you in the middle telling ” YOU DESERVE BETTER ”

India’s is a growing country and same are problems which are mostly related to relationships. Relationship is a ship which everybody wants to board at some time or the another and feel good about not being alone in this life. But all these relationships dont see the light of the day or I would say they don’t mature to become long term relation followed by marriage and settle down just because one of the partner thinks and tells another one


This is the most fancy line which i have ever come across to say that they no longer need you in their life, although it is not because they have some problem with you or you are having some Mental, physical or emotional issues. It is just because of the fact that they believe that ” You deserve a better life partner than them” I don’t know whether i should say it lack of self esteem or fear of ending up in a bad marriage.

For me no relationship is bad, niether is any marriage. Every marriage or relation has its up and down. But what matters is not what you expect out of it. But what you are ready to invest in it, irrespective of the returns you might get or not.

But with the advent of amazing cinema, serial and increasing number of divorce cases, people tend to focus more on mismatch then on matching whats so common and what so obvious that they were together in first place.

Relationships have these days become more volatile as compared to stock markets. But such is the madness to be in love or fall in love that people dont mind the sadness associated with it

In a recent story, A gal got infatuated with the guy due to his abilities, skills and demeanor. She fell in love faster than our Late Maggi Noodles. Proposed in a jiffy and told the guy take your own time. Guy took his own time, but was flattered with gal’s arduousness and behavior and he told yes to commitment. Less than 3 months into commitment, the gal felt that she cannot handle the guy anymore as situations are getting worse on her hand and he handed over a slip to boy


In a similar story, A guy created a profile on Shaadi.com without telling parents. Started scouting gals. Met one gal, found her attractive. Gals parents and gal found him attractive. Parents encouraged her to meet him in  a common location. They met and slept together, took vows of being forever together but guy asked for more time and told he hasnt asked his parents before putting up profile on shaadi.com. And after everything has happened. Guy says you are the best gal i have ever met in my life, there cannot be a better life partner. But i cant marry you and Guy Delivers a slip to the gal which read


A Manager sacked the employee during recession, telling our company can no longer afford you. Your skill set are far overqualified for the job requirement, You can please go


This sentence of 3 words is something like, it doesnt let you live at the same time it doesnt let you die. People snap the relation in a jiffy using these 3 letter words.

There is no conscience left at all.

If you propose a gal, instead of saying that she likes someone else and she is committed to somebody else and she cant be with you. She hands over a slip these days saying.. YOU DESERVE BETTER.

I just wonder whether this statement is sarcastic, positive or even sparsely motivating. I dont know what it is. Thanks for reading the post but surely