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Your twenties are the time when you’ll step in and out of plenty of relationships, realize some important truths about love and learn other things the hard way.

  1. No matter how chilled out your girlfriend may be, your relationship is going to eat up a lot of the time you used spend with your best friends. It will make you drift away from your best friends.
  1. And you’re going to miss being single every now and then.
  1. But there’s going to come a moment when you realize how great it is to have someone who makes everything okay, just by being there for you.
  1. If you don’t like her as a person you will never be able to love her, no matter how hard you try.
  1. Always be with someone who loves you more than you love them.
  1. All relationships are exciting in the beginning. It is only once the ‘honeymoon phase’ is over that you begin to realize whether you’re really into it or not.
  1. Breaks ups are hard. What is harder is the dilemma of not knowing whether you want to get back with your ex because you really love them or simply because you’re too habitual of them to let go.
  1. One person is always more involved in the relationship than the other. And it sucks to be that one.
  1. It is possible to grow out of love with someone. Unfortunate but true.
  1. There will be hundreds of reasons to walk away. And all it takes is one strong reason to stay.
  1. Love isn’t what you feel about another person. It is how they make you feel about yourself.
  1. The first real relationship of your life will draw out a whole new side to your personality that you would have never known existed.
  1. Sex won’t always be great.
  1. Relationships tend you make you dependent and you realize it only when you’ve broken up. Sad but true.
  1. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you won’t be crushing over other people. You’ll still find other girls hot but that won’t necessarily mean you’re not interested in your girl any more. Attraction is perfectly normal.
  1. Once you start dating, you begin to lose individuality in the eyes of your mutual friends. You two will be seen as one single entity. Her friends will invite you to every party out of obligation and vice versa. Secrets to be kept from one of you will be kept from both of you because it will assumed you two share every single detail with each other. Yes, it could get a little annoying.
  1. People are always going to find you two much more compatible for each other than you really are. Every time you talk of breaking up there will be friends telling you that you two are perfect for each other. Don’t listen to them, they know nothing. People just like saying nice things about couples. Only you two know the truth.
  1. There will come a time when you’ll run out of conversations and wonder why you’re still together. It’s not a nice feeling. For some, it passes and for some – it makes things sour.
  1. No matter how much you judge mushy couples right now, when you fall in love with someone, you’ll be doing even more stupid things to impress them.
  1. Love is nothing like they show in the movies. Don’t get fooled by the wrong notions about romance.
  1. Sometimes things just don’t work out with the people you love the most. But that’s okay, you eventually move on and find someone to fall in love with again.
  1. To be brutally honest, the chase is much more fun than the relationship itself.