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After a journey which spanned over 4 days and 3 nights, I checked my message inbox,There was not even a single message from anybody. Then all excited I checked whatsapp, there were about 500 messages in more than 8 conversations. I was all excited to check that too. I opened to find out that all the messages were from whatsapp groups, not even a single individual message landed.

Getting No Message Is Also A Message

This put me in a deep thought, I had decided to reduce whatsapp recently and had decided to see it once in a day. Following that change, people stopped messaging completely. Was that the reason or now they had found suitable alternatives for the time they had earlier allocated for me.
Are we getting so impatient? That if there are no instantaneous replies we tend to stop messaging. Is increase in the text communication ruining the sole purpose of it.

Getting No Message Is Also A Message

There was a time when the inland letter took 15 days and telegram took more than 12 hrs to deliver. And now if we don’t get reply from somebody, we take out that person from our life.
Isn’t that true for relationships too, initially when we stay in constant touch, we feel loved. And we call it love and get committed in it. But soon after some time when initial interaction and touch goes down, we find the relationship boring and we start looking for alternatives. Does Love really make any sense in this fast paced world. Does Marriage really makes any sense in it?

Getting No Message Is Also A Message

People married for more than few years realize that they aren’t living with the person they desired for. Their inbox is meant for somebody else. But they cant go away with it because they have permanently subscribed for that single person. But is commitment important even if you aren’t happy. Is love about making compromises?

Getting No Message Is Also A Message

Sometime I feel that we are so close yet so far from what we have desired. Our destination changes with the every choice we make. Our choices change with every journey. And our journey is dependent more on our fellow travelers. If your fellow travelers feel that embarking on the journey with you is boring or it is good that you went away.

At that time

Getting No Message Is Also A Message

In my life, people have come and left with no reasons. They never gave a suitable message before leaving. I always thought that they had nothing to say. But their silence was more piercing than if they would have said something to me. When people leave you without saying anything, that is the worst thing can happen to anybody. If you want to leave anybody do give them a message/ a reason why you are doing the same. It is very difficult to live with silence than to live and correct that reason.

Fight if you want to, but dont leave silently


Getting No Message Is Also A Message

But it is more painful than getting a message..!! Dont let anybody go through that pain.

Life is too short, live it to be happy. There is no harm in leaving..!! Just Leave a message.. before you leave..!!