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It was a beautiful Monday morning and everybody on the traffic signal wanted to rush towards their destination and in this rush they were just honking as if there is no other tomorrow and more they honk faster they will reach the destination. But actually that honking was irritating most of the people on the road. But to avoid listening to the honking of some people, they also started honking. And it was an utter chaos.

In our life also, we are also rushing towards our goals and in its rush we make a lot of noise in which we want our neighbors, our colleagues to notice us. But as soon as they notice our noise they start producing theirs too and it leads to utter chaos. This noise is nothing but boasting or bragging. Few days back My mother was telling that sheela aunty’s son Rahul is now well settled, married and has got amazing job at tata consultancy and soon he and his wife are expecting. My mother was worried because she didnt had anything to say as for the last 3 years she had been telling that I am doing PhD. So my mother was not so happy as there was nothing much to honk about my life and she felt like that bullock cart on the highway where she had no horns to honk about. Similarly she told about some distant aunt who was always bothered about what i am doing and now my mother was feeling short of words or i would say the horn.

But all the examples above are the IMAGE of a person which have been build by parents, neighbors and relatives. All these image are just for the sake of talking per-say

We know that Rahul might be really happy or at the same time too distressed, nobody knows. We know that the distant aunt might be really curious about me or she might be asking about me just to let my mother down. Or even the person behind you in car, he might be happy that he can overtake you and go forward on road. And he can be the first one to reach office on monday morning, Happy or not nobody knows.

We see everybody through a mirror. When we are driving an automobile we see others in rearview, as rearview mirror says things may be closer than they appear.


And as we see them we  realise that our life is is going on slow and we start speeding up or honking to move ahead and to achieve more than what we really wanted.

The image in the mirror lies at times. It doesn’t show us what is inside us, instead it shows us a global image which is quiet different and this whole image business causes a lot of peer pressure among colleagues, friends and even relatives.

The mirror can lie. It doesn’t show you what’s inside..!

We believe in the life which is structured/ potrayed or presented and become restless. Mirror tends to lie when we want to see others through our mirror like the rear view mirror.

Live life through the Windshield not as a rearview mirrorwindshield_life2

Look for the opportunities in life which are coming ahead of you, although looking at rearview mirror gives you the happiness that you have achieved a lot but at the same time it is also very distracting to keep an eye on something which is behind you.

Dont Honk, Dont fall in the trap of mirror because

The mirror can lie. It doesn’t show you what’s inside..!!