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There was a time when everything seem to be as right as a fairy tale, where an angel comes to rescue you from your worst showing you that ray of light that way of hope.

At that time the angel just belonged to you, taking care of all your needs and sadness and suddenly that angel realized that they had come closer not because you needed them but because they needed you to check whether their magic really works

Once upon a time, there were inseparable friends Radhika and Ramesh, they used to take care of each other and look for wellness of each other. But Radhika used to take more care of Ramesh. Ramesh was more intellectual kind, he helped Radhika in the beginning, Radhika was a fast learner, learnt everything very fast and now Radhika believed whatever they knew it was because of Ramesh. But Ramesh didn’t pay much heed to Radhika’s needs. he was more obsessed with other problems in their life and had one undiminished EGO of being the best. Radhika tried caring more and more but Ramesh never cared. Then Radhika found another person who was equally talented as Ramesh and as a matter of fact. Radhika started growing close to Suresh. Now Radhika and Suresh were close to each other. Ramesh hated suresh desperately and didnt wanted radhika to listen to suresh in any way possible. Ramesh started distancing even further and stopped helping radhika all together. She had nowhere to go. Suresh was only taking care of her more than anybody. But Ramesh’s jealousy grew out of bound and he started undermining Radhika everywhere whereas Suresh used to boost the morale of Radhika.

Ramesh also started looking for option and found one alternative in the form of Mohita to share everything. Now Radhika was deeply offended, She got another person say Kamesh in her life. This person kamesh was the closest radhika can ever get to.. Ramesh didnt knew about kamesh but after some time ramesh started realizing mistake. kamesh and radhika were together for sometime and kamesh had developed some fondness for radhika. Now ramesh started coming back, he tried all measures to win back radhika. All sorts of emotional drama. Finally he was succesful in distancing radhika from everybody. Kamesh and suresh no longer enticed radhika. They were now reduced to just occasional friends

Radhika distanced herself from kamesh and suresh to keep ramesh happy and started blaming them that they dont have time for anymore and ramesh is a very good guy who has all the time in the world for her.  And slowly Kamesh & Suresh started moving out completely out of Radhika’s’s life

And now is the time that Radhika is no longer with any of them but with ramesh. both of them  feel very awkward, they feel used..!!

Radhika used them totally. She told them that she needed them to get over ramesh. And she will never return to him. But instead she abandoned them for no reasons.

d3065ce77a99c9ed6153a2066abf068d.1000x750x1Moral of the story is the Love or relationship which are born out of hatred of any other person don’t last longer. Because the person always wants to go back to the original person and you cant stop them from doing the same

So all the guys and gals who are looking to get the gal or boy of their choice by breaking the existing relationship should think that whatever they are getting is very temporary and it wont be theirs forever as it wasn’t of somebody else.

Trust is something which broken once is difficult to be mend. Now Radhika might be happy or not Suresh & kamesh dont care. They feel used. Suresh is engaged with some other perspective. And kamesh is still wondering why this happened to him..!!

Dont ruin anybody’s life JUST to make anybody jealous of your happiness and earn them back..!!