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When you want the world to notice you, world to follow you. You do everything to please them. You pass a smile to please them. You spend time on them just because you feel that you should be the most important person for the other individual

Is this valuable?

Is this essential?

Why we need to share the article which we write to express ourselves with others?

Why do we have the need in which we want others to validate us?

Why on earth we feel that when others should smile when we say something?

Why we want people to be flocked around us all the time?

Why we want us to be the reason of their happiness?

Why we want us to have the most liked profile picture, status and joke?

Why social approval is an absolute necessity?

Why we need to have girlfriend in order to showcase the charm we have as a boy?

Why we need to take cigarette/ alcohol in order to showcase our attitude?

Why neighboring aunt’s comment about your career or marriage creates a pressure inside you?

Why you want to look the best after applying fair and lovely or Fair and Handsome?

Why you want to color your hair when you have just enough grey hair to be called as uncle or aunt?

Why you have to smile for every selfie or photograph?

Why you have to nod your head, when you dont want to be part of the conversation?

Why? Why? WHy?

So many WHY’s in life with not even one answer to any of these WHY?

The one answer is because ” MAN is a SOCIAL Animal”

He has to do things which pleases the society around him

But while doing all these things what are we losing, we are losing ourselves

To satisfy others we wear N number of MASKS, and to take care of these N masks we wear N more masks

But is it worth it?

In this quest of satisfying others, Satisfying and being what other wants you to be, you lose yourself, you wear masks to satisfy them

People love your masks and not you, People love your false reflection but not you

You cant stay like that, once you have realized that, you have to move out. You have to devote yourself in becoming the best by undertaking the quest.

Undertaking the quest in which you find yourself, you find what you like, experiment with your life.

Treat yourself the best, Give yourself the most importance, Put yourself first no matter what. Dont sacrifice just for the sake of others.

Some people will call you cold hearted, emotionless but you are not. You can love yourself you can be with yourself.

no matter what others call you. you are what you see for you

A murderer is not a murderer till he has realized it, no matter what the whole world says, its what you believe in, what you are.

Thats the real you, put yourself in the quest of finding you, then actually try being somebody else

Let us do it.

I take the pledge to do the same