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Relationships or Sinking Ships, because most of the time people are just trying to settle or compromise in one way or the another. Doing things so that it just keeps going and they need not have to go through the painful process of finding another life partner

And the fear ” What if the partner I would get, wont be better than What I have right now? ”

Relationships originally were meant to be uplifting but these days they are just a means to survive in this torturous world of comparisons

Single people are desperate to get into Relationships, and committed people are desperate to go back to being single…!!

There is no hidden meaning in it, but this is what is real.

What is the Big deal about it?

  • Fights: the lion king gifFights or I should say WARS, wars on the things that don’t even matter. Romance takes a back seat and hitting each other with the sword of words becomes the primary motive of the life
    Issues can pertain to as small as attending somebody else’s call while you are talking to someone special to something really big when you say you aren’t ready to take the relationship to next level, or you want some more time to think about the marriage plans
  • Friends:
    I guess those people are lucky who are able to maintain friends after getting into relationship, Friendship sinks as relationship develops

    • Amount of time you spent with your friends it decreases
    • If your friends are from opposite sexes then you have to hear those wierd taunts day in and day out
    • If you go out with friends, and tell them that is the reason of WAR. if you dont tell, then it leads to another war
    • While making plans you have to see for two calendars, and thus probability of hanging out decreases
    • Your special someone asks you, I will be your friend, I would be the one who will listen everything you are going through, but who will make them understand that because of them only they are undergoing this all, and how can a lawyer fight a case against the Judge when Judge himself wants to be the Judge in the case
      So you eventually end up losing all the friends you have got, may it be Male  or female friends, then at the end you have nobody left to even to hear you out. The Relationship sinks the ship of your life
  • Jealousy and Social network-
    jealousy gif
    The moment you like the profile picture of a beautiful girl who happens to be mutual friend, it leads to the next world war. In this there are two cases
    Case 1: The Girl is unmarried: This will be the furious case of relationship, as all the permutation and combination will be thought out to prove that you are giving special attention to that girl and whole and sole meaning of that is that you are falling for that gal. And as that gal is single there is a high probability that you will hook with her and dump her, just because you liked her profile picture
    flirting gif
    Case 2: The Girl is married: This will be the curious case of relationship, as you would be asked anything and everything about the person’s boyfriend or husband. And then you would be told, Cant her special someone control her, she is putting all sort of pics on facebook and not even that even letting other people like it and also she is interacting with them
    What kind of character it is? Questions will be raised about their character as well as you would be sank in the marsh lands of guilt that you should not give preference to a married woman or committed woman as they are already somebody’s someone
  • Money: bridesmaids gifHowsover money you spend, howsover special gift you get for her, she will eventually react in two manners
    1: My friend got better gift from her boyfriend, you dont even love me that much, i expected so much special gift from you and now what will i say to my friends that my boyfriend got such a cheap gift for me
    2: Woww, You got such an amazing gift for me, how you got to know about the girls liking so much. Many girls have been in your life, isnt it. Wont you tell me about all of them. See consider me as a friend and tell me about everybody and the moment you tell everything. I knew something was wrong. You are not a single gal man. You have a bad character.
    While promising that you wont be judged, you will be judged in the most awkward manner and all your gifts will be stupid or so spectacular that doubt comes
    Its same as writing paper while you are average student, if you write great paper, people doubt, if you fail then 110% doubting you

    And yeah, your expenditures will go exponentially but everybody knows about it, you feel like the poorest of poor while having richest of richest by your side

  • You have to be super sensitive to someone else’s needs all the time. “Baby, are you ok? Baby, I feel really distant from you right now. What’s going on?!” You’re slightly paranoid all of the time. Their highs are your highs. Their lows are your lows. It can just get…super exhausting.

Eventually what happens, something which you started with a lot of interest becomes a liability, becomes something which you are just carrying it forward than just enjoying it

Relationships are meant to uplift you, but sometimes they deflate you so much that you feel that you can no longer progress and become anything in life

Does it Suck to be in a Relationship?

For some people who are ready to compromise and adjust and give in everything it is good, but for others it SUCKS…!!

They sink your life..!!