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  1. I learnt how manipulative people are
    For me 2015 was full of manipulative people who made sure that I was always in their control, while I thought I was in. Learnt a lesson that I have to take control of my own life
  2. I learnt how intoxication is injurious-
    Getting drunk is good, but you should do it when you are not in public or even if you are you have friends by your side. Friends help you overcome things when you are out of senses
  3. I learnt that nothing is permanent, not even love, love changes into hate the moment it becomes shackles or chains
  4. I learnt and experienced that travelling is my passion, exploring places and going with the flow gives me that adrenaline rush. I went two times out of country in a single calendar year
  5. I realized that I love my parents the most and I can do anything for them, they are like everything for me
  6. I realized that you have to live in here and now, past should not impact your future but instead should help you in establishing a strong foundation
  7. I also realized that being a leader is difficult and you have to empathize with people you lead rather than dictate them
  8. I learnt that I should not be reactive and I should be responsive by keeping my anger in check
  9. I learnt that if I really commit myself into something I can do it the best
  10. I also learnt how to go with flow and enjoy in the moment
  11. I learnt about emotional abuse in a relationship and that is the worst thing
  12. I found peace in loneliness, I realized the fact that I should love myself, and I am the best creation and I should feel proud about the same
  13. I learnt that reading and writing help me in improving myself and I should continue it rather than curtail it
  14. Never expect anything from anybody, expectations are problematic for you as well as your friends
  15. I found my courage when I was able to speak really what I felt without any inhibition to anybody

I wrote the 15 different things which I learnt in 2015, there are many more things I learnt?

What did you learn in 2015?