It is already 12 days since I logged in to my Facebook account. For a person like me spending his entire time on Facebook, scrolling the feed and contributing to the feed most by sharing his thoughts and opinions every 2 hrs once it was a tough call..!!

But it was a conscious decision.

Funny part is nobody realizes that I am no longer using Facebook. Some of my friends cannot just imagine me being away from Facebook because In the past 8 years, no matter what exams or interviews everything about me was on Facebook.

Then why did I left the social network ?

I left the social network for experimentation purpose. I wanted to evaluate my will of not using Facebook. I wanted to test whether i can deaddict myself off Facebook just out of free will.

What happened when i left it ?

Nothing happened, there was no TSUNAMI, there was no TORNADO, earth kept rotating around the sun. People kept scrolling their feeds and feeling that their life is the most worthless among all their friends

What happened to me?

Initially i felt the urge to use Facebook, i missed those notification. I missed my phone telling me that somebody likes you and somebody is commenting on you, I also missed that somebody is tagging me. These things happened. But I kept my resolve higher as i wanted to test myself against it.

I spend my time doing quora, but eventually stopped that also, as one social network should not act as deaddiction mechanism for another.

People generally do this and they brag about it on quora that they left Facebook and they are enjoying quora. They haven’t got rid off an addiction but established a new one

How did it affected me?

  • I spent more time in reading news, I started making notes out of news and reading about them. I now acquire information about 10 new things which i used to previously ignored. I also have a repository or index of information which I learnt about the wonderful things around us than focusing on the people
  • I spent time reading books and practicing my reading, speaking, writing and listening skills on brain training app ELEVATE. It helped me in becoming sharper and also reduced my errors in written correspondence
  • I continued my blog and i started pouring my emotions daily
  • I used to write diary, but while making Facebook a social diary, I gave up on that habit but now i started once again
  • I started spending more time on my research and started progressing at a much faster rate

There have been a lot of positives

Some of the negatives being, now when people talk about something which is happening on Facebook, i used to be the most updated one, now I’m the least updated person regarding the same

Life has been different in the past 12 days, and i see a lot of change coming in me over the period of time. I will surely update that

One thing is realized, If you have got will you can give up on anything in your life