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So it’s once again time to celebrate the incoming year. The year 2016. The various reasons to celebrate this year are that we have finally a Leap year after 4 years. 4 years back when i saw leap year it was the time when i was about to join my Ph.D and clear my masters degree.

But Whats so special for others in upcoming year?

  • World t20 Championship of cricket in India
  • New teams in IPL
  • US presidential elections
  • Elections in tamilnadu
  • SpaceX planning to launch first manned flight to space

And many more..!!!

But still the question remains

Whats your plan for new years eve?

On new years eve there are different type of people who will ask you about what are your plans

  • People with Plans: These are the people who have already planned to go somewhere on the beach or the hotel to celebrate new year, but they still want to know about your plan regarding the new year’s eve so that they can flaunt about the place they are going and make you believe that your life is the most pathetic one in the world
  • People without Plans and with money: These are the people who have made no plans, they are very desperate to make plans and go out on new year, but they haven’t got suitable company. These are the people who are wishing and fishing for your exclusive company.  Please help them out else they will end up doing something which they don’t like and enter the new year with a sad mode
  • People without plans  and without money: These are the people who will be busy in collecting interesting facts and posting them on facebook, so that the like minded people who are sitting on the facebook to celebrate new year will like and comment on the same. So essentially for them posting a new year pic and tagging all the friends and giving them unfriendly notification is the celebration of new year. These guys will also make your life difficult in all the whatsapp groups by forwarding all the new year messages one after the other thinking that this is the time to impress people in the group with their forwards
  • People with families: These are the people, who will always say I have done a lot of things in my time now is the time for you youngsters to enjoy. Essentially they haven’t lost the zeal to celebrate the new year, but they feel that it would be tad too expensive and take their monthly finance to toss if they take their family out on new years eve as they have already had splurged spending during christmas and now pongal/makar sankranti is also coming. So they take up their patented dialogues and make them self content
  • People who make the big bucks: These are the owners of these pubs/lounges and restaurants. On normal days they find customers difficulty but on these days people will be waiting for their turn in queues inorder to enjoy the delicacies served. And these pub and lounges make the killing on that single bachelor who is looking for that lucky fuck during the new years eve. My friend you are not going to get that even if you go to a pub in which you have free gals entry
  • People who serve you: These are the people who thing this day as very hectic days but all the tips they get will help them survive the upcoming holiday season in a peaceful manner without much pain from their family
  • People who are protecting us: They are also looking for making the big killing of money as they will put the drunk and drive barriers today and make fortunes. On the name of protection, exploitation will happen and they will work to keep the city safer and their pockets warmer
  • Resolution makers: How can i forget them? These are the people who make these resolution year after year on 31st night and break it on 1st january or I would say never follow them. Then curse and repeat the resolution every year. The best one being I will join gym and lose weight in 2016, i will diet while hogging amazing chocolates on january 1. They should indeed take a resolution of not taking resolution if they cant follow it up
  • Strategists:  These are the people who will make strategy that how not to break new year resolution and do good things, these are the people who wanna spread happiness and make everybody essentially fit as well as follow their resolutions
  • Drinking tankers: These are the people for whom new year is just another day to drink and have fun… No matter what

WHY do even say HAPPY NEW YEAR?

Over the period of time I have lost my total interest in wishing happy new year. It seems to me just a formality. General conversations in whatsapp group will be like this

Happy new year to all. May god bless you with best of your health and wishes and you can make enough resolutions… Haha Hahah… Happy new year once again

Reply to this: Same to you, HNY 2016

Reply to this: Woww..!! Cho chweet… Wish you all happy walla new year

Reply: Lakh lakh wadaiyan

And it goes on… nobody means it and they just say it for the sake of saying.

I really hate this practice anyhow who am i to question anybody.

In the end I would just like to say, New year cannot be planned and it can be spent very peacefully as well but just the difference is we should work on making ourselves happy first and then it will  be indeed a happy new year for us.

First wish yourself a new year, First thank yourself that you are able to survive one more year on this planet earth.

Be thankful and keep enjoying… More is coming. Night has just started..!!

So Now… Whats your plan for New year’s eve..!!