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I travel very frequently to Kerala and most of the people think that I am married to a girl in Kerala or I have a girlfriend in Kerala.
But none of all those claims hold good. I go to Kerala just to attend weddings.

All my friends who are from Kerala are getting married in spree. All my masters degree batchmates will be out of bachelor life as soon as arun gets married on 3rd January

Next there will be some people from my lab who are yet to get married but I am sure that they are not going to invite me. So this could be my last Kerala wedding to attend.
I take immense pleasure in telling you that my friend arun has finally found partner of his life
A partner who will help her in overcoming all the obstacles in the life
Marriage is such an interesting ceremony untill unless you are a part of it.

This marriage is going to be exciting as I have already backpacked on day 1 of new year
Let’s see what this year brings to me
Happiness, prosperity or experiences

Whatever it brings, I will accept it and move on. After all it is a Present and nobody should throw it off

Seeing the current circumstances.. I will be always busy with myself that I won’t be able to give care and people will leave me eventually

So lets make the best out of the time I have got on planet earth and be part of other people’s happiness and joy