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There are times when you feel that you have become an integral part of an organization or integral part of another person. This can be in any form, in the form of employee or in the form of friend.
What matters at that point of time is whether you are beneficial for the other person or not. The moment you exhaust yourself in the form of employee or in the form of friend and you are no longer able to contribute towards the positive growth it is the time when the other person will ask you to let go.
At that time you should accept it gracefully and leave as the person no longer sees a positive prospect in you. He will find every other good reason to get rid off you.
In your life there comes an important question do you want to be expendable or you want to be indispensable

The moment you are asked to leave a sense of ego propels in you which wants to show other person that this is the wrong choice they have made and you are better than that. You strive working to prove to others to that you are awesome instead of looking at the fact that you indeed are awesome for yourself no matter what but at this point of time you are somebody who can be replaced by somebody else

You are indeed not an essential or absolutely necessary wheel of the car you are not even the spare wheel which is kept in the car. You are a wheel which is reducing the speed of the car as you cant match the speed of the car and you don’t fit in there. After riding few kilometers you have realized that you and them are in totally different league all together.
The interesting thing is that you have given them an opportunity to behave with you as a wheel which is not useful

What can be done?

Now as the car doesn’t want you, car will throw you out eventually, you can look for other cars, fit there and showcase the original owner that they have made a wrong choice or you can focus on yourself that how do you make yourself indispensable

I underwent a similar circumstances where an employer didn’t find my domain knowledge and ability sound enough to couple with works being offered, but there was another catch the employer wasn’t offering enough to earn my loyality
Least to say offering enough not offering at all. I worked because I wanted to learn, learn and become better, it was utilized as I am being desperate to find something useful in life.
After having lost that respect i have and being referred to all the technical work menial like technician although I don’t dislike any work. Time had come, it was to axe me down. Employer felt hard to let me go but I really doubted that reason being I knew if anybody question the authority of employer he is all set to be gone.

So now what are the options left with me and what I thought in should do

1. Slap the employer by getting a better place and showing them what a gem they lost
2. Look into myself and think about the fact what made me expendable
3. What are the best ways I can make big in my life.

I reflected myself on these three points to realize that I have to focus on pt no 2 & 3. To hell with the employer and their thinking. I have to focus on making the best version if myself. The ultimate version which is not expendable instead is the most valuable asset which cannot be expended at any cost

What changes when you become indispensable

1. You become more confident and you start reflecting on you what you are good at and how you can be best at it
2. You look forward for improving yourself than condemning others
3. Your ability matter to you more than anybody else

So finally I have decided, I will learn the things which make me the best version of myself and one of its kind in the world
No matter what

That looks fine as a new year resolution

Lets do it

Lets become indispensable…!!