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Have you ever felt that somebody has closed that one door which meant everything for you at that point of time ?
Have you ever felt that you had become dependent on that particular opportunity that nothing else is working out for you ?

It’s time..!! It’s just about time that a new door is going to open for you

And let me tell you, that door is going to be the most amazing one.

I had all hopes lost, I have given up on people and people had given up on me

I was all alone left with my unbearable behaviour. People around me were leaving me and I was also leaving people who loved me. I was moving towards solitude putting myself into a cage where nobody can reach me and I can reach nobody


While pursuing this, I saw the biggest hope of my life time coming my way this was the biggest one, bigger than what I have ever expected
This wave if I am successfully able to ride, I might be able to reach to the top where I desired. At that time, I would really thank the people who abandoned me that they threw so many stones at me that I ultimately formed a bridge out of it
And this bridge was one of the most formidable one. The one which goes beyond to beyond..

I wish.. This wish comes true.. I see the Ray of hope.. I see a door opening.. I wish I can reach there.. Grab the control and open the new door to the new destination of my life..!!