A person is dead when he doesn’t get time to reflect on his life and just think about what he is doing and why he is doing. For past 6-7 months i had been so immersed in the career pursuit that i forgot living. I forgot eating on time, bathing, talking to friends and even going out and having fun. I believed that if i do all this I would be happy, I would be alive as I would have a wonderful opportunity in my hand which will  make me feel happy, which will make me feel alive.

But It didn’t

I was phased out in the pursuit, it felt nothing is normal. I was becoming a zombie of my own creation who will not even pursue the things which he used to love a lot. And the biggest one of them was to pen my thoughts down. I created a website but i was no longer updating it. I had things to learn but I was not learning them.

I decided to change

I decided to write, I decided to bring those thoughts about life to reality so that I can feel liberated, joyful and happy again.

I am giving that try again, I am going to write because I want to feel alive again