hi!!! all

My name is kush tripathi,

I am a Biomedical Engineer from INDIA.

I have suffered a lot during my academic years that at times i was mocked at being inquisitive about the biomedical engineering field

I was mocked that even if you are talented you will not get any job in INDIA as it is the fate of an biomedical engineer according to them

But i don’t want my upcoming generations to waste time in things which are not even worth wasting still we have to waste time as  they are important for our curriculum

Sorry as you would be reading this page to know about me

But i just wanted to say my heart out that biomedical engineering is worth that you can gamble your career into it because it is that tree which would give so many fruits that even you would not be able to handle those are my personel feelings

I beleive in this branch may it not blossom rapidly but the day it will blossom people will be astonished to see what it is all about


Biomedical Engineering needs the initiative of all the students around the country.

Thats all for the day if you want to know more about me

then you can see http://facebook.com/biomedikal

This belongs to me , i mean to say this is my profile page


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